Special advisor

Katarina Lučić is a consultant at Omega Consulting. As a business consultant, she has worked for the last 8 years in a large number of companies in Serbia, as well as in consulting activities related to the legislation of the RS for audit and consulting companies from Central Europe. Katarina has worked in managerial positions, as a team leader in audit and consulting projects and as a manager (manager) of an auditing company.

She gained previous experience as an auditor and consultant on projects of statutory and other audits, financial analysis of operations and establishment and quality control of internal procedures and internal controls and reporting. She acquired her first practical business knowledge in the field of auditing, accounting and finance 14 years ago, starting her career in basic bookkeeping and accounting, and after that she focused on auditing and financial consulting.

The consulting activities in which Katarina works are, above all, in the field of controlling, business finance and tax consulting. Training on the principles of the methods of the world’s most famous experts in the field of finance, auditing and accounting.

Experience and success of application in practice is proven by a large number of audits and financial analyzes conducted in companies of different sizes and from different industries, as well as other types of consulting services (business regularity, financial and tax consulting). She is improving through constant work on new knowledge and education that she acquired, in addition to formal schooling, through a significant program of training and consulting training, as well as seminars outside the parent company that she attended during all these years.

In managerial positions, Katarina performed the following tasks:

✔ creating and monitoring the internal methodology of the audit firm;

✔ business process analysis,

✔ planning and monitoring and reporting in the audit,

✔ participation in the business and financial planning process,

✔ development of business plans,

✔ market research and market analysis,

✔ due diligence,

✔ establishment of internal procedures and internal controls within legal entities,

✔ audit of internal controls;

✔ tax consulting,

✔ statutory audits of companies, brokerage houses, non-governmental organizations;

✔ legal audit and audit of regularity of operations of local self-governments and public companies;

✔ other audits (facts, operations, periodic)

Based on her many years of experience, Katarina works as a certified licensed certified auditor of statutory audits of companies, local governments and public companies, other audits (factual audits, regularities of business, etc.), as well as financial and tax consulting.

He is constantly improving his knowledge through constant practical work with clients and his own education. Katarina performs her activities in her mother tongue, Serbian, as well as in English.

Consulting activities:

✔ introduction and setting up a controlling function in companies,

✔ organization of the planning process and budgeting,

✔ analysis of financial statements of companies,

✔ assessment of business creditworthiness of companies,

✔ assessment of investment projects,

✔ development of internal accounting and tax policies of companies;

✔ preparation of special balance sheets;

✔ business diagnosis of the company,

✔ valuation of capital;

✔ valuation of assets;

✔ development of internal procedures for quality control of internal controls,

✔ regularity of operations in accordance with the legislation of the RS;

✔ advising on the application of domestic and international financial reporting standards

✔ tax optimization