Project Manager

Jasmina Bucalović has built her professional career on expertise and knowledge of the market, identifying the needs and taking care of the clients, as well as her recognizable comprehensive high service. Many years of experience and entrepreneurial spirit positioned her at the very top of the most desirable people to work and cooperate with.

A precise mathematical way of thinking in harmony with project and human resource management results with success and top results. Experience in various fields from telecommunications, real estate market, and entrepreneurship, modern technologies have added the elements of excellence in her work.

Dealing directly with investments in the construction industry, she has developed her own method of meeting and exceeding customer expectations, as customers come first. From the smallest and most sensitive details through interpreting the needs of clients, she understands the overall business strategy, taking responsibility, both professional and legal, for real estate market. Jasmina is dedicated, analytical, and proactive as advisor, partner or consultant. With clients and colleagues, she builds a bridge of trust through honest and open communication achieving goals and providing excellence. This makes her a valuable member of each team and company. The purpose of Jasmina’s work is the final outcome expressed in the win-win model, which makes her work unique and recognizable.

Project and leadership oriented being always there to help, support, develop, and transfer knowledge and experience with a refined sense of building and maintaining quality interpersonal relationships. The approach to business supports her attitude that everything is possible and that the right thing is done at the right time. She understands and recognizes the challenges in the real estate market, which enables her to set priorities, anticipate needs and be unique and irreplaceable. In cooperation with Jasmina Bucalović, a top real estate agent, you are always partners and winners, because Jasmina will help you find your dream home!