We provide technical expertise, solve problems, offer general advice and assistance, act as the project manager, oversee our construction sites, generate reports and ideas, all in line with the clients’ specific needs. We apply our experience and local market knowledge to assist and guide our Clients in their investment decisions. By employing business intelligence tools, expertise in statistics and applied mathematics, we can deliver value-added service for our customers through identification of further business/market opportunities, real estate optimization solutions and valuable insights to help the transaction process.

• Business Plan/Strategy Development

• Market Feasibility

• Highest and Best Use Analysis

• Market Intelligence & Data Analytics – Smart UP has an in-house team focused entirely on ongoing market intelligence.

• Performance Improvement & Optimization – We apply our experience and market knowledge to help clients identify ways to improve a project in order to make more money or reduce risk through advice on product positioning, phase by phase pricing, thorough project improvement, etc.


Our philosophy is simple. We aim for your success as a property investor. This means choosing the strategy that suits you, with our support. The result? Your property investment is low-risk, easy to understand and stress-free. We are able to provide our clients with impartial advice for investing in exclusive locations in the Belgrade.


We believe that effective communication and collaboration are impossible without respect. We strive to avoid exhibiting egos, playing political games, and demonstrating the manipulative behavior.


We believe people are responsible and trustworthy. Because of this, we strive to create an environment where people have the freedom to authentically express their ideas and emotions.


We believe passion is essential to what we do and who we are. We genuinely care about our people, products, and customers and are building a company that inspires people to do great things together

Our history

Smart UP was founded in 2007 by Dusan Bucalovic, a gifted engineer-philosopher with an original and a restless mind. We choose work where we can make a real difference in the world, stretch the boundaries of what is possible, delight our clients and achieve socially valuable outcomes.

What we offer &



Business come with a smile

We are striving to fully utilize the benefits of our comprehensive involvement in all aspects of the regional real estate industry – our extensive market know-how, the experience of our team members and connections with all relevant social factors in Serbia.

A full scope of services including:

• Site identification and acquisition

• Interpretation and analysis of urban planning documents

• Assistance in obtaining of planning permission documentation and construction permits

• Financial and legal consulting related to development projects

• Operations management

• Property leasing and sale

• Legal services and assistance in securing of financing for future buyers

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Strong Values: The language we speak

We are particularly well-known among government and non-profit entities for providing exceptional advice and pragmatic solutions to the unique, complex real estate challenges that are regularly encountered in these sectors.


Investment Advisory

• Let your money do the hard work. Investing can be complicated, but it is possible to let your money do the hard work.

Development Advisory

• Permitting and lobbying

• Legal support and advisory

• Design and structural planning

• Preliminary and main designs Financial Services

• Equity and debt advisory and acquisition

• Project finance structuring

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Influence & Loobyng

Smart UP is consistently recognized as one of the top lobbying firms in Serbia, provides clients with timely and effective government relations, lobbying and public affairs services.

We offer our clients the relationships that we have cultivated among a broad spectrum of industries. These include: legal, management consultancy, lobbying, financial advising, technology, risk management, and other in-house or outside advisors. Through these relationships, Smart UP brings an unbiased, comprehensive approach to issues management and high-level strategic counsel to our clients.

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Preserve, Protect & Grow

YOUR REAL estate investments Investing in commercial real estate is a sophisticated way to diversify your investment portfolio, hedge against inflation, generate income, and preserve capital.

If you invest in real estate, or want to start investing in real estate, Smart UP Real Estate Investment Advisors can help you get the best results from your real estate portfolio — and mitigate risk along the way. Our unbiased real estate investment consultants are experts at navigating the nuanced decisions you face as you develop a strategy and manage your portfolio, from buying and selling existing real estate assets to planning a new development. We deliver the insights and experience needed to help private and institutional clients preserve, protect, and grow their commercial real estate portfolios.

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A combination of management and engineering skills


Real Estate Investment Consulting

Smart UP has completed around 50 real estate engagements, working with REITs, property owners, developers, property management/facilities services providers and others on a wide range of management issues. Our experience in Balkan region gives us both broad perspective and deep expertise on the many factors that influence real estate investment, development and management.

Due to the complex interdependencies in today’s real estate market, it is virtually impossible to separate organizational and engineering aspects of economic and strategic issues. Smart UP meets this requirement with a targeted combination of management and engineering skills on the one hand, and commercial and business expertise on the other. Transparency and in-depth knowledge about the properties in question form the basis for a successful transaction – irrespective of whether you are buying or selling land or property. With the help of tried and tested methods, and the use of reliable statistics, our Technical and Commercial Due Diligence service allow you to carry out a concrete assessment of the qualities, illustrate the risks and deal breakers and potential ways of increasing value, while in the process securing the return from your investment.

Following the signing of the contract, we secure the purchase of project developments for you with Technical Project Controlling over the course of the project. The focus here is on the contractually agreed quality (building work performance specifications), as well as on transparency in terms of the deadlines to be met, and achieving clarity over cost-related project events. Financial controls over the course of the project, in combination with an upstream project analysis, allows us to create security and transparency before the signing of the credit agreement, while also protecting the ongoing financing for the investor concerned. In addition, as part of our Transaction Management service, we support vendors by initiating and holding a structured sales process.

Our Work &


We simplify the world

Purpose dictates the form of the object, the object obeys the integral space, and the space serves the person’s needs and aspirations.

The beauty of the space is in awareness. We seek functional perfection in every new project. We search for solutions that lie outside the usual experience. We create an aesthetic environment, subordinated to human interests, and fill each square centimeter with the meaning.

Contemporary design

Real estate development is a dynamic process that requires different sets of expertise and disciplines at every level. Here at Smart UP, we understand the complexity of the industry and consistently strive to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Custom designs by award-winning architects
  • Commissioned art installations from renowned artists
  • Natural building materials and high-end designer finishes
  • Beautifully landscaped courtyards
  • Italian designed custom cabinetry
  • Floor plans that truly set the standard for spacious design
  • Innovative lighting and technology systems

Smart UP has successfully completed numerous ground-up development projects exceeding all expectations


There’s a human element in the world of property that is too easily overlooked.

At Smart UP we build long-term relationships, which allow us to provide personalized, clear and considered advice on all areas of property in all key markets. We believe taking a personal approach is crucial when interacting with our clients, as it gives us a detailed understanding of how we can connect them with the perfect property, be it residential or commercial.

Our team consists of highly experienced and talented international professionals with strong local market experience and management expertise.

The members of our team have wide-ranging academic and professional backgrounds including asset management, legal, project development, architecture and public relations, providing Smart UP Advisors with an extensive, multidisciplinary knowledge base.


There’s a human element in the world of property that is too easily overlooked. At every level, we seek out those rare individuals who combine analytical rigor with broad vision and a human touch. We believe that increasingly complex challenges demand people with both deeper expertise and the ability to engage joyously across disciplines, lines of business, and borders.


Don`t just make goals – surpass them. Choose a partnerwho combines an innovative approach and a track record of success to help you get where you want to go.

Building trusted partnerships & relationships


We are here to help you Monday through Friday, from 9:00

AM to 17:00 PM.

Njegoseva 69, Belgrade 11000, Serbia

+381 63 66 99 66


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Let’s work and join the journey together making your and our ideas come to life. We will make sure you will be very happy with end result. Have a question, feedback or comment? Sure, contact us.

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